01. The coast of Florida is [bracing] itself in expectation of a hurricane which is supposed to hit by the weekend.
02. Soldiers in the capital are [bracing] themselves against an expected attack by rebel forces.
03. He [braced] himself and then jumped into the cold waters of the lake.
04. The surfers [braced] themselves as the wave hit them, and then continued to wade out to deeper waters.
05. She looked very upset after the meeting, so I [braced] myself for the expected bad news.
06. The troops were told to [brace] themselves for a fierce battle.
07. We [braced] the ceiling with some wooden supports while the new beam was put in place.
08. The rock wall was falling apart and had to be [braced] with some big rocks.
09. The beams [bracing] the roof are rotting, and there is a danger of the ceiling caving in.
10. If nothing is done to [brace] the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it will eventually fall over.
11. He injured his back in a fall and had to wear a [brace] for over a year.
12. Janice has to wear a [brace] on her knee as a result of a bicycling accident.
13. She had to wear a neck [brace] after getting whiplash in a car accident.
14. Forrest Gump had to wear [braces] on his legs as a little boy, but later grew up to be a long-distance runner.
15. Marly's teeth were a little crooked, so he had to wear [braces] for a couple of years.
16. After her [braces] were removed, she had the most beautiful smile in the world.
17. Make sure you brush your teeth properly because a lot of food gets caught in your [braces].
18. She was afraid no guy would ask her to the dance, simply because she had [braces] on her teeth.
19. I wore [braces] when I was a kid, and sometimes when I opened my mouth, a little elastic would come shooting out.

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